Back in late 1984 I bought 2 completely dismantled 1969 Beetles from a friend around the corner. Using John Muir's Book, "How To Keep Your Volkswagen Alive", and a "Haynes" manual I was able to piece together one whole automobile. Most of the engine work I did in the kitchen on a spare table. (To this day I can't believe that my wife let me do this!)

Once I got through I proudly drove my Beetle to work each day. But,... our growing family needed a bigger car, and I later took a job working all the way down in Baltimore and alas, I had to sell it after only driving it a little over 1 year.  Well, time passed by, and not until this year (2004) was I able to start again and rekindle my love for the Beetle. I bought a 1974 Beetle on ebay from an older gentleman in New Hampshire. (That's another story) - Now I'm back where I was nearly 20 years ago. See my Restoration Page for more details!